Architectural Rendering

Our world has never seen such technological development as in the past ten years.The rapid growth in the software and computer technologies has led us to the use of three-dimensional modeling, capable of creating three-dimensional, practically living objects. The three-dimensional graphics is created with the help of special programs. One of the most popular is the 3ds Max program.


3ds Max is a program that allows creating and editing the three-dimensional graphic or animated objects.It has a full range of features, which will be enough not only to fans but even to the professionals.

3ds Max provides not only three-dimensional modeling, but the animation, and visualization.This 3D-editor is used in games, movies, medicine, physics, architecture, and many other areas.

The final stage of the work on a simulated object in the 3ds Max program is 3D visualization.This stage is of great importance and consists of calculation of the color of pixels at each point of the final image. This must be done based on materials that have been applied to objects. In addition, the interaction of light beams from different sources is calculated. The imagining process takes longer if the scene has multiple light sources and textures with different effects.

Upon completion of this step, the desired module of visualization is selected and you can see the simulated three-dimensional image on the screen.This step always requires the most part of attention, because if imaging will be performed unsuccessfully, then all efforts aimed at modeling, lighting, and texturing will be in vain.


As described above, the 3ds Max program is used in a variety of areas, but we will tell you more about the architectural visualization. Currently, architectural visualization is very popular. It is used to demonstrate the competitive projects, commercial buildings, to create engaging presentations and to perform a huge number of other tasks of the builders, architects, and designers. Architectural visualization’s value is not only informative but also artistic, as created three-dimensional objects should look realistic and beautiful.