Surely, everyone thinks and plans of having their own home to settle down, in that case, buying a condominium is pretty included in the list of your choices. After all, condominiums are really appealing. Aside from low maintenance, you also have an instant security. Condo sales is now hitting the all-time high especially in the cities. In Vancouver and Toronto, the joys of living downtown is being rediscover again. There are many residential establishments that is now available for those who wants to experience the pleasure of living in a condo. Also, some are still in pre-construction. One of them is the Rodeo Drive Condo located at 169 The Don way in Toronto, Canada.


Indicators of a Perfect Condo

Here are the things that makes the condominium perfect for you.


Facilities are wide enough to accommodate every single person in the community. No crowded place, and not suffocating place indeed.The two residential building with 34 and 39 storeys, for a total of 736 units.

It is at the mid-town, so you are connected in everything that matters. Just a few steps from shops and super market.


It has a rating of 63/100 in transportation, meaning more convenience for commuters. Only few minute to reach the high way and is close to the Future LRT route.Rodeo Drive at shop on don mills.  Making shopping easy for you every time you have to. A life style Centre for you.Walk through. An 83 out of 100 rating in walk through is a proof that this condominium is people friendly. There are many parks around that you can hang out, either by yourself or with friends.

Type of Suites

Whether you live by your own or with your family. There is a perfect suite for you! Studio, one bedroom, one bedroom Den, two bedroom, two bedroom Den or even a pent house. You have many choices. You can choose what floorplan you like, what kind of set up, what view you want to see every time or what floor you want. Whatever is in your mind, you will find in here.

Your convenience is what matters the most

Shopping malls, salons, restaurants, parks, coffee shop, super markets, and theater is around you. You don’t have to go far for this places. Living in the spectacular community is a superb experience. Everything you need is at your fingertips, everything you want in a few minutes.