Some might say that patios are for modern homes, and while the typical style of slimline aluminium is in line with the contemporary look, there are alternatives. Modern solutions mean you can tailor a terraced area to suit the ambiance and character of the property, and with faux timber grain finishes, anything is possible. Here are a few ideas to transform your terrace this summer.


The Classic French Look

One would need a sizeable terrace with the right table and chairs, and along with an attractive retractable awning and a set of aluminium folding doors, the look would be complete. If you wanted to go a bit further, why not have a glazed roof installed? This would effectively create a conservatory that would be ideal for both summer and winter. Three or four tables would provide the perfect setting, and it is the ideal venue for those summer parties, especially with an LED lighting system that is designed to give the area a feeling of warmth.

Al Fresco Style

Sliding, or perhaps aluminium folding doors would lead out to a terraced area and the bright awning would provide adequate shading. The furniture would be either pine or perhaps stainless steel, and with an outdoor kitchen to one side, you have the perfect al fresco dining area for the family to enjoy. A fixed awning provides shading at all times, and modern retractable units are the ideal solution if you like the sun on occasions. Motorised units make for effortless adjustment, and with a few side screens, you can create a summer room that is wind protected.

Modern Porch Ideas

Apart from the side and rear of the property, sliding aluminium doors are often used to replace a traditional front door. Sometimes the unit incorporates glazed units that create a self-contained porch, which is ideal for storing shoes and umbrellas, and also makes a great location for pot plants. Conservatories have been in trend for at least a decade, and with the cold British climate, glass is an ideal material for an exterior structure that adjoins the main building.

The Georgian Look

Many homes are built to the traditional Georgian or Tudor look, which have either white single pane windows or lead light inserts, and modern aluminium units can mimic this, which means your home improvement will be in keeping with the character of the building. Sealed double glazed units contain white connectors that give the impression the windows are Georgian in design, while the lead is set onto the double glazed unit and resembles the real thing. Replacement windows took the country by storm, with millions of homeowners ridding themselves of their original softwood window and door frames, and replacing them with UPVC or aluminium units. This solution has never been practical for a period or listed property, but with modern materials and designs, it is possible to replicate any existing windows with aluminium units, irrespective of style.

The patio is the focal point of the home in the summer, and with the right screening, it can also be a comfortable place all year round, where the family can enjoy their precious downtime.