‘What’s my home worth?’ The question on everyone’s mind when they decide on selling a house. But, when it comes to valuating your home, it’s difficult to gauge exactly what it’s worth – without an expert’s opinion that is. House prices fluctuate all the time, so the price you bought your property for initially, may not be reflective of the current value of your home.

The giveaway indicators for your home’s value are; the area it’s in, the size and geographical location (city vs country). Whatever the case, these factors are out of your control – you can’t move your home out of the area or city it’s in/near. So, how can you boost the value of your home? Without a serious investment into the expansion of your house, there are simple ways you can improve aspects of your home, to make it more desirable for buyers AND boost the value of your property – without splashing serious cash.

Leading Essex based estate agents, Essex Countryside, have provided all the expert advice you need, to increase the value of your home. With years of expertise, they know all the aspects that make a house more valuable. With a little investment of time and some money, and following these top tips, you can seriously add some value to your home when it’s time to sell.


Going Up

If you want to expand the size of your home, reach for the sky. Most homes with a loft conversion will fetch a higher price on the housing market, and may even sell faster. Adding extra space to your home is a given, but no matter the size of your loft there is always something that can be done with it. An extra room, a study, a den or even a home gym, the possibilities are endless.

A typical loft conversion will cost around £500-600 per square metre, so the less space you have – the cheaper it will cost. Converting that small space into something like a home office could seriously improve the price on your home. A little investment goes a long way. With the added bonus of no planning permission needed, it’s a speedy way to add some value to your property.

Home Makeovers

After time, every home needs a bit of a face lift. Whether the paintworks been damaged in some way or your home just looks a bit out dated, a little work goes a long way (especially if you are planning to leave any fixtures and fittings after you sell). Restoring paint and wood work around your home is a sure-fire way to add some value to your property. Renovating kitchen and bathrooms specifically will add to the value of your home as well, as these areas are where your home needs to look its cleanest and most hygienic.

Bathrooms especially are the ideal place to add a bit of ‘wow factor’ to your home. Modern and beautifully designed bathrooms will only be beneficial to your home’s value, so be sure to make your bathroom its best. Well lit, with neutral colours that improve the light.

Your garden needs to be tidy and, again, well designed. The more privacy your garden offers, the more value it will fetch. Create featured areas in your garden that serve a purpose – such as seating, work areas and storage areas. All of these little improvements will help towards the value of your house.


A feature can be the centre point of selling your home. Something that buyers would see and think, ‘I want that’. Pulling them in with something they never knew they needed or even wanted. Small things like a decking in the garden to a lovely porch at the front of the house. There is so much potential to create a feature when selling a house.

Adding features to your home can further improve the value of your house. Whatever it is, make it a selling point for your home and a functional addition that is of use. Whether it be adding a fireplace or wood burner to a lounge to give it a homelier feel or even decking for a seating and BBQ area for summer nights.

Get a second (and third) opinion

When selling your home, it’s important to get a few valuations, to make sure your property is fairly priced. Never assume that because an online estate agent gives you a low price that your house is only worth that much. Conversely, be aware that local estate agents may over value your house, to lure you into using their services – selling your house with them.

After all the work is completed find out what your house is worth, most estate agents will not charge for a valuation on your property. It’s a good idea to get a valuation before you start any work on your property and then again after you’ve finished. You can see how much your house is worth before you begin investing in improvements – it may be worth more than you think.

Any improvements you make on your house can only increase your home’s value. When it comes to selling a house, getting the best offer you can is ideal, so why not invest now to make sure that your home is at its best for selling.