You know what’s the most significant factor that makes your life boring? It’s the unclean environment around you. Believe it or not, environment directly impacts your psychic and, to some extent, controls your activities too. Sometimes, you tend to work faster than your natural speed and on other occasions, you feel lazy like a turtle. Experts believe internal factors (such as motivation) is connected to the things you see. If you get inspired, you tend to work at a great pace. There are hundreds of authors, writers and playwrights who think clean and green environment brings out the best in them. So, what are you going to do with your house that’s been cleaned daily, but still fail to motivate you?


The problem is not in the house floor or walls, it’s in you. Because you have a busy schedule, you don’t pay the kind of attention to those dirty ceilings, dusty wooden floors and stained windows of your house. Quite frankly, no one has so much time to consume on these things. And this is where commercial cleaners come in. If you live in Toronto, you must have heard about Focus Commercial Cleaning services. The Toronto cleaning service is equally recognized by homeowners and business owners, because of experienced staff and modern cleaning techniques.

You may still want to do your own research before hiring any service in your town. Here are some tips to make your task a lot easier.

Reference List

Cleaning companies with years of experience have a sound and well-decorated portfolio. According to clients, they seldom consider a new service provider, when they are getting a good service. “It’s too time consuming to hire another service for cleaning. So we stick to one and trust it” one of the customers say.

So, first thing’s first, ask for a solid reference, because it is directly related to the reputation of the firm. Normally, a reference list consists of names of the customers, their address and years of service. All you need to do is start with the oldest client and pay him a visit. Look for yourself how his house has been maintained. Ask everything you think is necessary for hiring the cleaning service. You can ask about the number of complaints the client had and how quickly they were resolved. You can even ask about the behavior of the contractor and his employees; how quick they are; whether they offer emergency cleaning service etc.

Years of Service

Well, after going through the reference list, you will have some idea about the company’s experience in cleaning business. But what if you’re dealing with a new comer in your town? It’s always good to ask them about the background. The company may have a good track record in any other city, and because it’s new in your town, it might offer you better rates than others. So, don’t be afraid to ask questions about past projects. You can research their record on the web, on review sites. Or perhaps, contact the place of actual business.


Because of the large space and highest population in the country, there are plenty of cleaning services in Toronto. So, pay attention to their terms and conditions; do your own research; clarify your concerns before hiring and when in doubt, seek other service.