Do you think your living room is missing attractiveness? Well, that can be a problem, but it’s not that hard to overcome it. Living room is an important place in your home and it demands a lot of attention too. You can follow these simple tips to make it look more lively and attractive.

  1. Don’t Keep Television

Living room is for the purpose of attending guests and making social connections. So, avoid putting TV there, as it deters conversation. You can move your TV to any other room, if there is enough space in your house. If you don’t like that idea, you can conceal the TV behind the cabinetry or have it inserted into the wall niche.

  1. Anchor floating furniture

Toronto modern furniture showrooms don’t just sell furniture, they can offer some great ideas for a lively living room. Here’s a great advice from a furniture store downtown Toronto:

If you have a sofa in the middle of the room, avoid making it look like a floating island by anchoring it with a table. In this way, that area in the living room will look more substantial. You can even put lamp on the table and make it a reading spot. Make sure that the top of the table is a little lower than the sofa back.

  1. Show the softer side of the nature

Instead of giving a boring and sleepy look, stick to chunky woven fabric for your living room furniture. And some pillows, a natural-fiber carpet and a fabric wallcovering. You can even choose linen.

  1. Go for Curves

Instead of rectilinear shapes, add curves because they are more inviting. With rounded and soft looks, your living room will make you feel more cozy and comfortable.

  1. Test Yourself for Comfort

Before buying chairs and sofa, test it for depth, height and comfort. Make sure that your arms rest comfortably at the side of the chair and the back angle is comfortable. You can find comfortable sofa sets and chairs in Toronto modern furniture stores.

  1. Seating Should Not Be Directly Under the Ceiling Fan

It is understood that ceiling fan is an important part of your living room, but it’s not appropriate to place chairs and sofa directly below the ceiling fan.

  1. Add that Green Factor

Plants and greenery can add value to the room. They are also good for health. Plants can boost our moods and clean the environment. By adding a natural beauty into your room, you can make your living room more attractive.

  1. Flexibility in lighting

You can use layers of drapes over shades, in order to adjust light in the living room. It’s more pleasant and you can use these layers according to your choice. Drapes not only add style but also soften the appearance of blinds.

  1. Prepare for Party

Now, you have made all the arrangements for a cozy and comfortable living room. Now, prepare to use it throughout the summer and winter. Your guest are surely going to like your taste and will feel comfortable.